Friday, July 3, 2009


Totto-chan is a girl who have a curious attitude that is curious in everything she see,she is also a girl who is friendly and like to make new friend with the others,no matter whether he or she is handicap or anything totto-chan will still make friends with them and encourage people to do something.

chapter30: We were only playing

Totto-chan and her dog rocky was playing "wolf" at her house that create accident that totto-chan head hit the dog teeth that create the accident led to totto-chan bleed

chapter29: And then......uh

the headmaster want the fifty student including totto-chan to tell him the food they bring which is something from the hills and something from the ocean

chapter28: Look before you leap

there was a heap of prepared gray wall plaster which is something that if you struggle inside the thing u may get sink so the mother warn her to look before you leap


Takahashi is a new student to the school who is much more bigger then the others and Totto-chan and friends make friend with him and tell him about the school

chapter26: Their worst clothes

the kids was ask to wear their worst clothes so that the clothes may get torn or dirty due to some games

chapter25: The only thing i want

Totto-chan saw some small chicks cheeping away that made her want the chicks by begging the mother to have the chicks